It's a Markdown Christmas

December 17, 2014

We finished our Christmas letter to friends and family. As web nerd-ily as possible, of course. I…

  • Wrote a draft in Markdown
  • Edited it with the wife via email. She doesn’t have a Markdown editor, or even a reader, but who cares? It’s plain text. That’s the point.
  • When we finished editing I checked it into a new git repo. Because who doesn’t?
  • Then I dove into the CSS. Because I’m a web developer.
    • Got the margin right for our Christmas stationary.
    • Chose a font-family and font-size.
  • Ran it through Marked to print.

Hooray for another Microsoft Word-free (and troff-free) Christmas!

The Christmas letter repo will eventually appear on GitHub. Not yet, though - I want to mail them first!

Tags: markdown
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