Using the "Full" Fastlane Snapshot Install

September 12, 2018

There are two ways to install fastlane snapshot in your project - a “standalone” way (snapshot-only), or as part of the fastlane “suite” of products. The second is better, here’s why…

So-So: Snapshot-only

fastlane snapshot init

dumps your Snapfile and any associated files into the top level of your project. Some day, when you want to use more fastlane tools and a Fastfile, you’ll regret that all of the files are dumped into the project’s top level.

Better: Part of the fastlane suite

fastlane init

and then selecting the “Automate screenshots” option creates a fastlane subdirectory in your project. All of the files (including a Fastfile) are created in there. As you add more fastlane tools to your project (and you will!), they’ll all live together there. Nice and centralized, with everything fastlane-related in the same directory as the Fastfile

No matter what you do…

Move the generated SnapshotHelper.swift file into the appropriate target directory (probably *UITests) and include it from there. Don’t make your UI target’s compilation rely on source code in that fastlane directory. It will work, but it’s going to confuse someone, someday.

Tags: fastlane, ios
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